Friday, December 22, 2006


Always vaguely dissatisfied with details of the daily grind and especially the way the “authorities” manage things, I have tended always to go my own way, though usually within the bounds of generally accepted behavior. This tendency to be on the edge of acceptability along with my natural reticence has meant that I often am more an observer than a participant.

Observation, combined with analysis, leads to conclusions about the behaviors observed. What follows are a couple of poems I have written about some of the people I have encountered and observed along the way. I hope you’ll enjoy them and maybe even recognize someone you know in them.


Like a sleepwalker in deep woods,

I moved through what I thought were the chambers of your soul,

Seeking the soft, embracing pulse of your loving nature,

But finding only thorny, matted vines of fearful mistrust.


An awakening flower, I lift my head

Above the cool earth of my bed,

Stirring to shake off winter’s gray

On a rain tossed warming April day.

I think of you and cloudy skies turn Brilliant Blue

Leaf-like, swept by stream-washed shoal

Through dappled shade that cools my soul

And calms my spirit through and through

With a tender touch the way you do,

I think of you and cloudy skies turn Brilliant Blue.

In autumn’s winds I feel the chill

Of winter’s first attempt to kill

The green of summer’s smiling ways

With dark and glowering colder days.

I think of you and cloudy skies turn Brilliant Blue.

Like snow on winter’s wind I lift

Then settle in soft secluded drift,

Beneath the darkling storm-tossed sky,

Where, gently nestling down to earth, I

Think of you and cloudy skies turn Brilliant Blue.


Friendship sprouts in fallow fields,

We feed it from our souls.

And artificial waterings,

Will never make it grow.

So cultivate your friendships, friends,

Or they will fade away.

And you’ll be left – morose, bereft,

In the evening of your day.

4 comments: said...

A gift, given, speaks to many:
Recipient, observers, standers-by.
At its unwrapping, parlance begins.

This poet, friend, has given us a gift of Brilliant Blue in this gift-giving season. Now I can carry this with me for surprise openings at any given moment. Thank you, Bob.

Jessica Elam said...

Glad to see you have a new blog! I will subscribe when I finish here.

I love the poetry...'Brilliant Blue' (the best-ever 24th birthday present!) hangs above my bed in Miami and always reminds me of home and of you. I'm here for Christmas until the 27th and will give you a call if I'm up in Springfield at some point. Merry Christmas and love to Roberta and James...Peace on Earth, and may we all look upon one another more kindly this holiday season (I'll even try to look kindly upon Bush and his minions...hell, I didn't say I'll succeed, but I'll try!!) =)

Lots of love,

david r. said...

Hi Bob, and welcome to the blogosphere. Hope to see you on the Taney County CBC.

simba55 said...

hey bob simba from down under.
new to cafe interested in your comments bob dylan.
have a great new year