Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's (past)Time to Stop Bush

Finally we have a Congress that should be able to put a stop to the American push to control the world's energy resources and maintain its "superior" position as the biggest bully on the block. The people of America elected them to put a stop to this war, and whack Bush for his continuing illegal actions and what are they doing? Arguing about a non-binding resolution that won't change a thing.

Why? It's simple. Because they, just like Cheney's neo-cons, believe that the best course for America's future is to control the world's energy supplies. (Not to mention that so many of their favorite corporations always profit from war.)

In the middle of all this, though, Senator Russ Feingold, one of the few who understands the madness of our present course, has proposed two bills. S. 121 and S. 448 that call for withdrawal of fighting troops from Iraq and defunding the war. They are very short and clear and deserve the backing of everyone who can see through our national love affair with war to the realization that the rest of the world has rights too. Please Google S. 121 and S. 448, read them (they are short and very sweet) and then raise hell with your Senators and Congresspeople until they vote for them.

Here's why - It isn't just about getting our government to quit using our young people as cannon fodder any more because UNLESS WE FORCE THE ADMINISTRATION TO WITHDRAW FROM IRAQ, WE WILL SOON BE GUILTY OF ATTACKING IRAN.

You don't think that's what Bush is building up to? Think again. He's carrying on the same kind of nonsensical build-up for Iran as he did for Iraq using innuendo, planted "evidence", and bravado to persuade the American people that Iran is our great enemy.

Why? Again it's simple. An organized Iran controls its own resources and opposes Israel. Will we whip them into submission by attacking them? Not any more than we did with Iraq. So what's to gain? The same as what we gained in Iraq.

Iraq may be in deadly chaos, but we are building military bases all along the pipelines and proposed pipeline routes. (Those bases and the new American embassy in Baghdad - capable of housing 3000 Americans - are where we spent a good share of our "reconstruction" money. That's where your tax dollars go.)

Choas in Iran would allow us to do the same there. Sure it costs a lot of tax dollars, and sure it costs some American lives but, what the hell, the neo-cons are convinced the gains are worth it. After all, we get control of most of the world's oil, Israel loses an enemy, Shiites and Sunnis go at each others' throats throughout the Middle East, and the American war machine keeps prices high on Wall Street, the big oil corporations (not to mention Halliburton) continue to get filthy (what an appropriate word that is) rich and that's exactly why they wanted to go over there in the first place.

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