Friday, April 13, 2007

Blood for Oil

All along we knew that the invasion of Iraq had more to do with oil than democracy and military bases than freedom. All along we've also known that BushCo is the sneakiest bunch of blackguards ever to grace the Whitehouse, but until now, I had never quite put all the pieces together to see how cynically evil this bunch truly is. It took a hard core analysis of the latest Congressional budget bill to reveal the nuts and bolts behind our invasion of Iraq, and understanding it generates a nearly unbearable level of revulsion for the willingness of BushCo to shed the blood of young Americans and countless Iraqis of all ages. Read on and weep with me at the loss of all hope for America's soul.

At the end of last month, Richard Behan made it all crystal clear in his article
George Bush’s Land Mine: If the Iraqi People Get Revenue Sharing, They Lose Their Oil to Exxon
You can read it at:

If you've read it, you too now know about how the scheme to steal Iraq's wealth stands to reveal the war as the death of America's claim to any moral standing. If ever there was an administration worthy of impeachment, this is it. Not only have they deliberately distorted intelligence to get us to follow them into a war they came into office to declare, destroyed the balance of powers guaranteed by the Constitution, and stolen the peoples' rights and liberties, they have now robbed Iraq in broad daylight.

The only prayer America has of regaining any positive status in the eyes of the world is to oust this Administration, treat them as the criminals they are and apologize for our previous blindness.

Every Congressperson should have access to this article before allowing this distribution formula for Iraq's oil to become part of the laws of this land. Please send a reference to this article or the article itself to all of your representatives. Will Bush veto the bill as passed? Let's hope so, and if he does, let's all work to make sure that this theft provision is not in any future version.

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