Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Adam Kokesh

If you haven’t heard about Adam Kokesh, you should. In fact, we should do all try to stop the kind of persecution that is being perpetrated upon him and who knows what other honorably discharged veterans who have come out against the war in Iraq.

The Marine Corps is threatening to revoke Adam’s honorable discharge and change it to Other Than Honorable because he has protested against the war. Kokesh made the mistake of wearing military clothing during a demonstration, but it was strictly a prop for a mock combat unit action in Washington, D.C. He wore no name tag and no insignia of rank. He even removed the Marine Corps tag. He probably overstepped the boundaries of gentility in his response to the Corps' summons, but he doesn't deserve to have a blight put on his life for it.

On June 4, the Marine Corps will hold a hearing in Kansas City, MO. Adam is being re-activated just for the hearing so that they can discharge him again with an Other Than Honorable discharge. This for a man who has served two tours in Iraq during his six years of service. He has been on inactive reserve and was due for complete separation on June 18, just fourteen days after this hearing.

If ever there has been a case of punishing a citizen for speaking his mind in America, this is it.

Contact Kelly Dougherty at if you would like to find out how you can help. Kelly is Executive Director of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Also, if you wish, you can support the effort to fight this kind of suppression by helping with Adam’s defense fund. Either send a check made out to IVAW with “Adam Kokesh Legal Defense Fund” in the memo line to P.O. Box 8296, Philadelphia, PA 19101 or visit, then click on the Support IVAW Box in the upper right hand corner and then on the Donate Now box further down the page. Type “Adam Kokesh Legal Defense Fund” in the Special Project Support Window.

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