Thursday, November 15, 2007

Friday's Reference

In Friday's blog, I made reference to an article I had seen about the NSA program of spying on the American people through AT&T. A kind reader sent me this reference to an interview from Frontline that is even more complete than the article I had in mind. I'm listing it here today because this story is so crucial to understanding how Orwellian big brother has become. If only the bulk of the American people could get the big picture and react against it.

Just in case the link fails you, here is the reference:

Thanks Kathy.

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Anonymous said...

An Even Keel,

Thank you for your blog, your attention to these important Constitutional standards, and most of all to the efforts to impeach.

As you well know, there is one obstsacle to an impeachment investigation: The Speaker. She refuses to permit a review.

However, there is a solution. There is a credible threat that the Speaker will be removed, clearing the way for impeachment.

Please encourage your friends to review the links, discuss their hopes, and share with others this plan to put the Constitution before the Speaker, President, and VP.

Thanks again for your blog, your efforts; and best wishes to you and your friends.