Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Few Good Women

A Few Good Women

After citing Seymour Hersh’s report on the buildup of American naval forces in the Middle East yesterday, I saw him again on Democracy Now!® where he added the comment that those Pentagon nabobs who threatened to resign if Bush launched nuclear bunker busters on Iran had made it clear that they wouldn’t make a big public fuss about it. They’d just clear out their desks and quietly slink home. That just about put me over the top.

Where in this country are their any people holding some modicum of power who have the guts to stand up in public and shout their moral indignation? We recently chose a passel of new Congressfolk to go to D.C. and take control over an administration running amok. (e.g. We are now backing a terrorist group in Lebanon that has close ties to Al-Qaida, but, because they want to fight the Shiite Iranians, we ignore that and fund them.) They have clearly manipulated intelligence in order to talk us into attacking a sovereign nation (research the Office of Special Plans). They have restricted Habeas Corpus. They have espoused, authorized and applied the use of torture and they eavesdrop on their own citizens – and not just when in communication with terrorists overseas. And through all this very few Senators or Congressmen have stood up to them in any straightforward way.

It is sadly apparent that no one in the freshman class whom we just sent to Washington is going to emerge as the gutsy leader willing to put his seat on the line to tell the nation that the emperor has no clothes.

Bottom line is that I’ve had it with our CongressMEN. Obviously we can’t find a few good men, so let’s see if we can come up with a few good women. Hillary excluded, by the way. We don’t need women with balls. We need women with guts. We’ve had enough of balls in the hallowed halls. Joann Wayne we don’t need!

Where is Barbara Jordan when you need her? There was a woman who had the moral fortitude to stand up and speak clearly about what she saw around her. I’d have voted for her for any office in the land any time she chose to seek one. I’d probably vote for Cindy Sheehan. I voted for Midge Potts once and I’d do it again.

How about it gals? Come on out of the woodwork and lead us out of the wilderness. As Gandhi said when asked what he thought of Western civilization – I think it’s a good idea. Maybe a few good women could finally civilize us.

Have a meaningful day.

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