Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Corrections to the People's Report

I received the following in relation to the reference I gave you in this morning's blog.

We found a few mistakes in the documents we sent you on Monday: Iraq - The People's Report. Those mistakes have been corrected and are available on the UFPJ web site through these links:

As we explained before, there are two versions available in order to help faciliate the downloading and copying of this report. One version is 4 sides, each one on an 8 1/2x11" sheet of paper and the other one is 2 sides (this you will have to staple), each on an 11x17 sheet of paper (this you will just need to fold).

With two days of testimony from Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker we are hoping that more and more people will be anxious to get the kind of information include in this People's Report. There is, of course, a great deal more to say, but this document includes information about the impact of the U.S. war and occupation on the lives of the Iraqi people, as well as the impact for us here at home.

We encourage you to reproduce this piece and distribute it as widely as possible. Feel free to also pass it along via the internet. And we apologize for any inconvenience offering these corrected versions might create for you.


Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator, UFPJ

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