Friday, January 11, 2008

Wetland Preservation

Today’s blog takes a little different tack than usual. Instead of analyzing political issues, I want to share an opportunity for you to have some input into ecological decisions in Missouri.

I have always been a nature buff and am now a member of the Springfield Plateau Master Naturalists. As a result of that I received an email this morning asking for participation in an opinion survey related to wetland development in Missouri. Here is the link it provided:

If you are aware of the value of wetlands, you probably already understand their function as filter systems for ground water, erosion prevention, wildlife shelter, storm protection and recreation. If you are not aware of these things, the dnr website will provide you with a great deal of fascinating information. If you are aware, then you already know that our wetlands are disappearing even though they are essential links in the ecological health of this little blue planet.

Missouri is currently debating how much of its resources to put into wetland preservation and restoration. While their value to us is not as readily apparent to most folks as it would be if we were in New Orleans where rebuilding wetlands could prevent another disaster like Katrina, they do have a great deal more value than most folks give them credit for.

Please take a moment to follow the link above, check out the DNR website and complete the survey. It is another of those small ways in which we can impact governmental decisions which, in turn, impact us on a daily basis.

Thanks for caring.

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