Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Broward Politics ( has posted a story about Florida Democratic Representative Robert Wexler signing on to Dennis Kucinich’s articles of impeachment of George W. Bush read yesterday on the floor of the House of Representatives.

The story itself didn’t light my fire. After all, I think it is disgraceful that both houses of Congress have not been up in arms against this administration since the beginning of its push for war in Iraq. What interested me most was the progression of comments.

The first responders were so familiar I had to check to make sure I wasn’t reading a blog comments section of the Springfield News-Leader -- pure hard-line vitriol including attacks on Obama (with plenty of despicable plays on his name) as a Muslim Jew-hater.

Finally, though, the more temperate and left-leaning citizens began to take over the discussion. The one quoted below, though, stood out for me:

“Wait a minute!!! You mean, if Bush and Cheney both get impeached, we'd have a new, female president, and it wouldn't be Hillary? What would that do for the election? Its probably too late to finish before election takes place, so Pelosi would be number 44, and wouldn't be in office for long.

Congress would lose a senior democrat though, and the Dems already feel confident they have the election, so there is nothing for the party to gain by impeaching the lame duck.

It would take a democrat of principle, one who put rule of law above party politics, to pursue impeachment. And of course, they are a minority in DC.”

In a nutshell, this person was able to sum up the best argument against ideo-illogical hard headed hard-line Repulsicans who constantly maintain that W is the finest president since George Washington. The bottom line is that no one has anything to gain in terms of a political coup by impeaching this bunch of criminals. Therefore, taking that action at this point is purely an act of principle.

It is no surprise, then, that the articles were filed by the most principled man in the Congress. Sadly it is also no surprise that a man like Mr. Kucinich has no chance of being elected president in a country that is so generally unprincipled that couldn’t recognize a man of moral character if he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven from the capitol dome.

It is also an interesting notion that a double impeachment – the only acceptable kind in our circumstance – would result in swearing in a female president. What a great twist of fate! Let’s do it!!!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -- M. K. Gandhi

Individually we have little voice. Collectively we cannot be ignored.
But in silence we surrender our power. Yours in Peace -- BR

The reason for going was to keep the crude flowing and raise a false flag abroad. – from a poem by Jack Evans titled 3500 Souls -

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