Friday, June 13, 2008


Without doubt the big story of the day is the Supreme Court’s decision that BushCo cannot deny due process to anyone whether American citizen or alien. In short, the decision means that BushCo’s actions have been UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Even this heavily right leaning Supreme Court could not bring itself to lean so far right as to give the Amerikan Executive branch the power to imprison people – any people no matter where they come from – on a whim and without access to legal assistance.

It is shameful, though, that the vote on this issue was so close. This is an issue that any second year law student should be able to think her way through. All four justices who dissented in this ruling ought to be held accountable for it. Judge Scalia’s comments in his dissent were so disrespectful of the rule of law that his right to a seat on the court should be challenged. Only one justice (Samuel Chase in 1805.) has ever been impeached in the history of the country. In his case the effort was politically based and so failed. In this case, though, Scalia’s contempt for the Constitution of the United States is clear enough for me. Of course it won’t happen. It takes a majority vote of the House of Representatives and subsequent conviction by two-thirds of the Senate. You couldn’t get that many votes on the theory that water is wet with the bunch of jerks we have running the country right now. It might all hinge on what the definition of “is” is!!

BushCo, though, must now face the fact that this hard right leaning Supreme Court has called its hand three times on the issue of the rights of prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay. (The first time the court found against the administration’s policy of trying detainees without representation in military tribunals, BushCo pushed a law through that enabled the process. The court declared that law unconstitutional, too.)

President Shrub says they will abide by the ruling even if he doesn’t agree with it. dick Cheney says nothing, as usual, but there can be no doubt that he sits smirking in his office in the deep conviction that they will be able to finish their term in office without taking any action at all as a result of this finding.

In the meantime, the reputation of America is enhanced in the eyes of the world by the fact that the court ultimately showed the integrity to pass this judgement.

Here at home, though, we need to continue to recognize that there is a large and strong effort on the part of the far right to undercut the Constitution in order to ensure for the super wealthy the continued right to unbridled power. Right here in Missouri, we have been subjected to that kind of arrogance lately in the words and actions of our own Speaker of the House, Rod Jetton. What is it besides arrogance that leads a man to say, in regard to the village law he sneaked through the Legislature that, “This is still America, and if you want to put a junkyard in and you buy the property, it’s your right. And if a guy doesn’t want you, he could have bought the property.”

Those are the words of a man who is convinced that might is right and who cares not a whit for the rights of anyone but himself and his powerful cronies. Those are the words of a person who thinks that anyone less ruthless than himself doesn’t have or deserve any rights at all. (Incidentally, those are also the words of a man who has to leave office due to term limits. The “Village Law” is one of the side effects of those term limits. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain by helping his buddy, Robert Plaster get what he wanted.)

Also, those are the kind of words that constantly pour out of people like dick Cheney and poor dumb little George W. Shrub whose silver spoon has kept him from ever having to think anything through or to recognize that not everyone was blessed (or cursed, take your pick) with the sheltered life he has led. It’s easy to be ignorant and arrogant when your every need is anticipated and catered to.

Finally, Dennis Kucinich’s effort to have them all impeached has gone forward though none of the pundits give it any chance for success. The pundits, though, are as guilty of arrogance and ignorance as BushCo. This was clearly illustrated by the MSNBC poll taken yesterday asking whether or not respondents favored impeachment for BushCo. The response was overwhelming. Out of over 700,000 respondents 86% voted in favor of impeachment.

This wasn’t a controlled poll, but with that heavy a response it seems apparent that the majority of Americans want out of Amerika and back to America. With 86% in favor of impeachment and 68% in favor of getting the hell out of Iraq, how is it that BushCo still reigns and our sons, daughter, nieces, nephews and grandchildren are still risking their lives every day for a lost (nay, non-existent) cause?

Answer – a terribly irresponsible Congress. Next fall, let’s vote for anybody who has never been to Washington. If we fail to jerk a knot in the Congressional tail, we will be the next three time losers no matter whom we elect to the presidency.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -- M. K. Gandhi

Individually we have little voice. Collectively we cannot be ignored.
But in silence we surrender our power. Yours in Peace -- BR

The reason for going was to keep the crude flowing and raise a false flag abroad. – from a poem by Jack Evans titled 3500 Souls -

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